Whether you’re hiking, biking, hunting, fishing or just camping, don’t go without a handheld satellite personal communicator. Choose from the Spot Satellite locator beacon through to the handy inReach 2 way communicator range as they will bring the experience to life and could even save your life. Whether you worry less or whether your loved ones worry less, it enables you to go farther and to experience more without any wondering or second-guessing. And in an emergency, the tracking and two-way SOS are the most valuable tools in your survival kit. Send messages, receive messages, track your routes, update social networks, and engage the wilderness like never before.

Consumer Products 

Lone worker

 Knowing the moment an employee falls or loses consciousness can make all the difference in delivering prompt attention to the individual, possibly improving the outcome of his or her situation. Knowing the employee’s precise location enables monitoring personnel to deliver help for an effective emergency response.

We provide solutions that work in real-time, monitoring the safety of employees even when outside of cellular coverage. Our solutions deliver safety, security, and location awareness through innovative wireless hardware and custom user interfaces, including web, mobile, messaging, and web services.

Business Solutions 


Some industries require companies to operate in isolated regions or potentially hazardous environments. That is why we have developed specially integrated safety device and solution to help a company comply with government legislation and keep workers safe.

Monitor your lone workers with industry leading devices from best in class manufactures to bring further safety to your workers. Our solution can provide true dual-mode satellite communication to complement cellular coverage and provide world-wide access in a cost effective manner.

Choose from a variety of devices with panic buttons, man-down and fall detection for instant notifications in Cellular or satellite only regions.