Blackline Safety brings last-mile lone worker safety monitoring to New Zealand

Auckland New Zealand - March 2, 2016 – Satellite connected Loner Bridge System now available in Australia and New Zealand

Blackline Safety Corp. (“Blackline”), a leading manufacturer of lone worker safety monitoring solutions has launched the Loner Bridge Solution for use anywhere throughout Australia and New Zealand. From the Australian Outback to Southern Lakes of New Zealand, employers can now easily and comprehensively monitor the safety of their personnel working alone—when out of cellular coverage under extreme conditions—and in remote locations.

Blackline Safety, world leaders in work alone solutions have appointed their local distributers, Direct Safety Ltd ( to deliver lone worker solutions across all sectors of industries. The LŌNER® Product range includes the Loner Bridge in conjunction with the long range wireless handheld system, the standalone 3G cellular and intrinsically safe devices, Bluetooth DUO with its lone worker Apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

“The Loner Bridge System has become Canada’s industry standard for monitoring personnel working alone, beyond cellular coverage in the remote upstream and midstream oil and gas segments,” said Sean Stinson, Blackline’s VP Sales & Product Management. “Blackline brings this innovation to every industry in Australia and New Zealand where employees work alone or in risky situations in remote locations, empowering the swiftest emergency response possible to every incident including injuries, health events and even assaults or animal attacks.”

Blackline’s Loner Bridge System is a two-part solution that was designed from the ground up to meet the most demanding customer requirements for monitoring the safety of their employees. The Loner Bridge portable satellite and cellular base station manages all communications to the Blackline Safety monitoring network. An industrial-quality radio link connects up to 10 Loner 900 person-worn safety monitoring devices, delivering a real-world range of two kilometers from the Loner Bridge base station. The radio link quality enables personnel to be monitored within complex facilities.

The Loner Bridge System helps work crews to self-rescue with a TeamAlert™ that triggers a muster alarm on teammate’s Loner 900 devices when an employee needs help. Loner 900 automatically detects falls, man- down situations and missed employee check-ins. The employee can call for help by pulling an emergency latch, much like a fire alarm lever. Unlike an SOS or panic button, the Loner 900 emergency latch can be triggered with confidence even if the worker’s vision is obscured.

Loner 900 makes use of GPS and is used for precise outdoor positioning while Blackline’s Loner Beacon product enables employees to be located throughout plants and buildings with precision.

Blackline’s comprehensive Loner safety monitoring portfolio empowers organizations in all industries and geographic locations with real-time safety incident awareness, delivering help within minutes instead of hours or potentially days later. To learn more about Blackline’s work alone devices, ManDown and lone worker app, visit

About Blackline: Blackline Safety Corp is a wireless location leader that develops, manufactures and markets products and services for lone worker safety monitoring. Targeting every industry, employee role and location, our Loner® solutions are promoted through offices in Calgary and the United Kingdom and sold through a growing network of international distributors. Loner products alert monitoring personnel of a safety incident, locate the worker and empower the most efficient emergency response—Alert. Locate. Respond.™ Our vision is to become the leading supplier of wirelessly connected lone worker safety monitoring products in the world. For more information, visit

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