Blackline Safety Loner Bridge

Direct Safety stock Blackline Safety’s Loner Bridge: a leading lone worker safety device featuring man-down & panic alarms, fall detection, and GPS tracking

Portable Base Station for Loner 900 Devices

Our award-winning Loner Bridge System works anywhere, especially on the road and in the field where cellular coverage is often spotty or doesn’t even exist. Whether you’re overseeing your entire crew’s safety in areas not covered by cellular networks, indoors or operating in the most remote reaches of the great outdoors—this solution has your lone worker employees covered.

The Loner Bridge System is the world’s most comprehensive employee safety monitoring system for remote operations and is comprised of two parts: the Loner® Bridge portable satellite and cellular base station and the Loner® 900 employee-worn safety monitoring device.

Using an industrial-quality 900 MHz radio link, the Loner Bridge base station communicates with up to 10 Loner 900 devices at once. And, our Loner 900 devices are able to operate up to 2 km away from Loner Bridge. Self-powered and portable, Loner Bridge allows users to quickly move it from one vehicle to another in seconds, such as from a work truck to an all-terrain vehicle.

The employee-worn Loner 900 safety monitoring device features a combination of automatic incident detection and manual triggers that enable your employees to call for help at any moment. It automatically detects falls, and, if one of your crew members is unable to request help manually, it automatically alerts when your lone worker employee is motionless or fails to respond to a check-in request. If your employee is in need of help and can trigger an alert manually, it’s as simple as pulling a fire alarm—even if his or her vision is compromised.

Many industries encounter environments with the potential for an explosive atmosphere of gases or dusts. Loner 900 is also certified UL913 Class I, Division 1 and Class II, Division 1 intrinsically safe for use in such hazardous environments.


"Lone workers are those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision."

We understand that lone worker safety is not a ‘one size fits all' proposition - and therefore different jobs have different risk profiles that in turn impact on the best solution for that person.

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