The MySOS Personal Safety Device, is the smallest personal safety devices that incorporates the latest GPS and cellular technology. Featuring position request, which enables you to see where the device is at any moment, as well as the SOS alarm function. This is the perfect solution for lone worker monitoring, employee safety and protection of the vulnerable.

When you buy into Safeguard, you benefit from a cost effective, personal safety service to protect you, your employees and your businesses 365 days a year.

All of our personal safety devices and smartphone applications have been developed by Safeguard. Our products are exclusive to users of our safety response service.

  • Small, lightweight device can be worn discretely and conveniently around the neck as a pendant, keyring or belt
  • Free Emergency alarm calls to our 24/7 manned Incident Management Centre.
  • Position request allows you to locate the device via SMS from a mobile.
  • Call a phone number of your choice, with the ability to track and find the device by sending a simple text message.
  • Mandown option automatically raises the alarm in the event of a fall or impact
  • Two-way audio functionality
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The following features are included in the MySOS Personal Safety Service package:

Simple Alarm Activation

The alarm is activated by simply holding down the large central "SOS" button

One or Two-Way Audio

Two-way audio allows you to speak to a Safeguard controller when raising an alarm or to one of your nominated mobile phone numbers at the touch of a button. The microphone is sensitive up to two metres.

24 Hour Emergency Response

Using palm-sized personal safety alarms, specifically and exclusively developed by Safeguard, fitted with the latest mobile phone and GPS technology, a call for help is just one button away. Each of our alarms is fully certified and audited to BS 8484 (code of practice for the provision of lone worker devices) and accredited to the Association of Chief Police Officer’s (ACPO) coveted ‘Secured by Design’ accolade.

 Mobile Phone Position Request

A feature unique to Safeguard’s MySOS allows you to request the device's position by simply sending it an SMS text message. A reply with a web link to a map with the device's position will be sent, which can be viewed on an internet-enabled mobile phone or computer.

Position Reports

Position reports will record the personal safety device’s location at a specific date and time and can be sent automatically at regular intervals or manually whenever needed, at the touch of a button. The user's location can be viewed on an online map at Safeguard's secure Customer Service Centre portal.

 Alarm transmission

On activating the SOS alarm button, the MySOS personal alarm sends its location to Safeguard's Response Center so our Controllers will know exactly where the alarm is coming from. A two-way voice call is then initiated with the Safeguard Controller who will follow the personalised emergency procedures you provided us and if appropriate, they will summon the emergency services or contact your employer.

Compact design

Weighing only 40 grams, the compact and lightweight design of the MySOS personal safety device makes it convenient to use in everyday situations. It can be worn around the neck as a pendant, attached to a keyring, a belt using the optional holster accessory or even an identity badge holder.

 Speed dial

The MySOS features a button which can be programmed with a phone number of your choosing. This allows the user to call a nominated contact, using the device as a mobile phone.

Voice memo (Amber Alert)

This feature enables you to leave voice messages specific to your situation, such as who you are meeting and how long you’ll expect to be, which could provide vital additional information in an emergency. The message is immediately available to Safeguard Controllers if an alarm is activated.

Status LEDs

The Status LEDs display information showing you exactly what the device is doing. Indicators include GPS availability, GSM connection, signal strength and low battery warning.



All calls and actions are digitally recorded on secure servers within our IMC, should they be needed as legal evidence. Safeguard’s audio recordings have led to numerous successful prosecutions.

Inclusive emergency calls

All airtime and data usage, including emergency alarm calls to Safeguard's IMC are included in your service subscription*

Custom Integration

For clients wishing to manage alarm activations themselves, Safeguard has developed the MySOS Track and Call package. The devices’ SOS button can be programmed to send its GPS location and voice call directly to the client’s own call centre or nominated mobile phone – ideal for Telecare users.

MYSOS - Specification

GSM frequencies - Dual band: 900/1800 MHz with GPRS

GPS - SIRF3 chip provides highly accurate GPS location of the device

Audio - Two-way audio. Microphone is sensitive up to 2 metres.

Alarm message transmission - GPS Location information sent via GPRS with SMS backup for transmission of the alarm message, including transmission in poor conditions.

Battery - Rechargeable 3.7V 850mAh Lithium-ion battery with up to 25 hours normal use if functions are frequently used.

LED status indication - Low battery, GPS, GSM coverage and connection.

Dimensions - 70mm x 42mm x 17mm

Weight - 40g

Carriage - 2 different length lanyards for wearing around neck and key ring accessory. Optional holster available for attaching to a belt.

"Lone workers are those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision."

We understand that lone worker safety is not a ‘one size fits all' proposition - and therefore different jobs have different risk profiles that in turn impact on the best solution for that person.

To find out more, tell us your requirements or to request a live demonstration of our service email give us a call on 0800 626 3696