Lone Worker Safety & Monitoring Solutions

Many businesses invest enormously in lone worker safety, protective equipment, training, communication and documenting incidents with the goal of reducing workplace injuries. 

Direct Safety lone working monitoring solutions help to reduce injuries and fatalities from occurring in the workplace, plus they provide instant alerts with location-based information that an incident has occurred. The result of this immediate insight is knowledge that can positively influence the outcome of an injured or distressed worker. 

Many companies are making use of safety monitoring equipment mandatory for all of their lone workers, employees at risk and even when working with others.



Empowered with real-time knowledge, employers can better influence safety incidents to achieve better outcomes for a worker in distress through a faster emergency response


Our solutions deliver simple, economical, and non-intrusive tools to monitor workers’ ongoing safety and manage an efficient emergency response whenever needed


Has your company looked at the issues around legal work alone compliance? Our solutions are easy to manage, customisable and cost-effective.

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Direct Safety keep people safe in high risk environments


Whether you’re hiking, biking, hunting, fishing or just camping, don’t go without a handheld satellite personal communicator.

Choose from the Spot Satellite locator beacon through to the handy inReach 2 way communicator range as they will bring the experience to life and could even save your life.

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Knowing the moment an employee falls or loses consciousness can make all the difference in delivering prompt attention to the individual, possibly improving the outcome of his or her situation.

Knowing the employee’s precise location enables monitoring personnel to deliver help for an effective emergency response.

We provide solutions that work in real-time, monitoring the safety of employees even when outside of cellular coverage. 

Our solutions deliver safety, security, and location awareness through innovative wireless hardware and custom user interfaces, including web, mobile, messaging, and web services.


Some industries require companies to operate in isolated regions or potentially hazardous environments. That is why we have developed specially integrated safety device and solution to help a company comply with government legislation and keep workers safe.

Monitor your lone workers with industry leading devices from best in class manufactures to bring further safety to your workers. Our solution can provide true dual-mode satellite communication to complement cellular coverage and provide world-wide access in a cost effective manner.

Choose from a variety of devices with panic buttons, man-down and fall detection for instant notifications in Cellular or satellite only regions.


The safer solution when you're alone


Direct Safety’s standalone safety monitoring devices are a person-worn product that automatically monitors an individual’s safety status. They also provide the wearer with the ability to manually request emergency assistance when needed.

Featuring wireless communication technology they maintain an always-connected data session with bi-directional communication to Background Services that continually monitor its safety devices. The wearer’s location and status are continuously updated within an online user portal that conveys each monitored person’s safety – continuously and in real-time. 

Direct safety enables organizations with real-time worker safety monitoring requirements. Mobile personnel often work in uncontrolled environments that pose countless threats to worker safety.

Our remote safety monitoring solutions deliver simple, economical, and non-intrusive tools to monitor workers’ ongoing safety and manage an efficient emergency response whenever needed. Incorporates patent pending technology, which complies with international work alone safety legislation.

Easy-to-use within your organization but has a unique structure and processes—Loner solutions accommodate rather than impose upon your business.

Featuring micro-electro-mechanical sensors, delivering the world’s first Fall Detection technology within a remote worker safety monitoring solution. Internal accelerometers and gyroscopes not only detect falls but also trigger a safety alert in a man-down situation where the worker is motionless.

Rather than incorporating an emergency button that may be difficult to press when needed, it incorporates an intuitive emergency latch that makes it easy for the worker to call for help at any time while minimizing false alerts.

All safety alerts communicated to monitoring personnel include the geographic location of the worker in distress for immediate and efficient emergency response. Monitoring options include email, SMS, web portal, and Loner Web Service alerting that provides a call center-friendly interface.




Whether you’re a security guard working alone or a forestry worker in a remote location as a group. In a busy industrial factory, but in an unsafe environment, in a downtown building cleaning the offices alone, or just out late attending to an outage at a power substation. Our range of safety products and solutions will automate the process of monitoring worker safety, integrating practical features that provide instant safety incident and employee location awareness.



Depending upon a customer’s requirement, we offer a Central Response Monitoring services that can take ownership of employee safety monitoring, allowing your internal personnel to concentrate upon their existing workflows. We provide the benefit of 24/7 coverage with no risk of gaps in coverage or complacency where one individual may think that another has ownership of a safety alert.



Automatic worker safety monitoring results in lower employee distraction, increased productivity, and reduced costs. A small 2-minute interruption every hour during a workday where an employee is required to check in, an employer loses over 5 hours of monthly productivity per person. Multiplied by the value of the employee’s time, this cost per month can be offset with use of safety monitoring solutions. 

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