Looking to keep your loved ones safe with a personal safety app?

StaySafe are the GPS tracker app specialists with apps for both personal safety and lone worker protection. StaySafe Personal is a leading personal safety app for iPhone and Android with a GPS tracker to automatically email or text your exact location to your emergency contacts if you don't check-in safely after working, socialising or travelling alone, providing your exact GPS location so that help can find you quickly.


How it works

The mobile app contains location based tracking, and has a timer which counts down from the time you have stated that you will be alone, say 20 minutes. The location tracking updates in real-time as you change location, so if you are walking or getting into a taxi alone it will track your route.

The app automatically triggers an SMS text or email to be sent instantly to your emergency contacts, containing details of your location.

Start a tracked session

The first time you use the app you will be prompted to set up a 4-digit PIN and select emergency contacts from your phone’s address book.

Whenever you use the app to track where you are all you need to do is set up a new session by entering the duration of time you expect to be alone e.g. a 20 minute taxi journey. Use the notes section to include details such as a taxi registration number. Then simply press start to begin tracking.

Confirm you are safe

To end a tracked session you simply need to enter your 4-digit PIN. The app will remind you that your session is due to expire 5 minutes before with an onscreen message.

If you don’t check-in safely with your PIN then a text or email will be sent to your emergency contacts, providing them with your GPS location so they can find you. Alerts will be sent even if your phone is switched off, damaged or if the battery dies.

Emails, texts or both

Your loved ones and emergency contacts can receive both email and SMS text message notifications. You can manage this yourself within the app.

Your phone will flash orange to tell you when an alert has been sent.

"Lone workers are those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision."

We understand that lone worker safety is not a ‘one size fits all' proposition - and therefore different jobs have different risk profiles that in turn impact on the best solution for that person.

To find out more, tell us your requirements or to request a live demonstration of our service email sales@directsafety.co.nz give us a call on 0800 626 3696