Only 8% of the world's surface has cell coverage.
SHOUT nano and SHOUT ts are for the rest.

Powered by the Iridium network, the SHOUT nano is a pocket-sized handheld global satellite tracking device with two way text messaging and distress alerting.


Share your tracking data with key personnel who need to know where you are at any time, anywhere on the planet.


Instantly notify and directly communicate with key personnel at any time, anywhere on the planet.


Text to and from the SHOUT nano globally to communicate your situation, send a report, or describe your location.

The SHOUT nano is designed specifically for global tracking, communication and distress monitoring. Being the smallest Iridium hand-held device available on the market, the SHOUT nano features ultra-low power consumption and is able to send a position report every hour for up to two months (about 1,200 reports).

Equipped with a high resolution color LCD and onscreen keyboards supporting transmission of free-text, canned messages or the combination of both, it is both simple to use and effective. For easy use and quick access the menu options are displayed as icons. A panic button is used for immediate emergency/alert notifications. Data is either standard or 256-bit AES encrypted format and can also be sent in encrypted PECOS formats including Brevity codes.


The SHOUT is now available - all the features and capabilities of the SHOUT nano, but with a touchscreen for easier use.

"Lone workers are those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision."

We understand that lone worker safety is not a ‘one size fits all' proposition - and therefore different jobs have different risk profiles that in turn impact on the best solution for that person.

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